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{Clean Eating Kid Meals & Snacks}

I get asked all of the time.....What do your kids eat???

Clean eating for kids

I thought I would share with you guys my kids favorite meals/snacks to give you guys some ideas for what to make for your little ones. I know trying to get your kids to eat healthy is a struggle. I try to be very relaxed about my kids meals during the day. I don't really have them on an eating "schedule." I would prefer that they eat when they feel hungry and learn to listen to their bodies when it comes to that.

I don't necessarily make separate dinners for my kids either. If I am cooking something I think is reasonable for them to like (not spicy, etc) than I will serve them up a plate for dinner and if they are hungry...they will eat it. I don't care if they clean their plate or eat half or take one bite or two. If they are hungry....they eat! There are a lot of nights when my husband is working late and I don't really have a big meal to I let them tell me what they want to eat and I make it for them. Nothing fancy....maybe a sandwich or a fruit and cheese plate. I just don't stress about their eats. Eating healthy shouldn't be stressful or a punishment. My house is packed full of nothing but healthy food options so whatever they eat...I know it is good for them.

**Just a kids eat far from perfect. During the week....while we are at home....we eat tons of healthy foods with water or organic milk. If on the weekends, at a cookout or restaurant with the family, they want chocolate milk and non-organic mac and cheese...I don't care! If grandma wants to give them candy or ice cream while they are playing at her house...I don't care. I focus on feeding them great quality food 90% of the time and the other 10% is left to them being kids and enjoying all of the treats that I used to enjoy as a kid.

**For kids are 3 and almost 6 years old.

Favorite breakfasts:

chocolate oatmeal
Chocolate Oatmeal (My kids FAVORITE breakfast)

Chocolate Oatmeal: My basic microwave oatmeal recipe with some cocoa powder thrown in. They both absolutely love this and eat it most of the time.

Cereal: Puffins, Natures Path Organic or EnviroKidsz Cereal with whole organic milk

Fruit: Apples (usually with natural peanut butter) bananas, berries, cantaloupe,watermelon

Toast: Cheese toast with organic cheese and whole grain bread or toast with all natural peanut butter

Pancakes: I use Bobs Red Mill 10 grain Pancake mix and always use coconut oil in the mix. I usually add in sliced banana or dark chocolate chips for a treat.

Favorite Snacks: 

Yogurt with fruit and granola
Organic vanilla yogurt, berries, organic coconut chia granola

**My kids do a lot of snacking! They just like little snacks throughout the day vs. 3 large meals.

Freeze dried fruit: Only ingredient should be the fruit

Larabars/Kind Bars: My kids think these are candy bars!

Horizon Organic Graham Crackers: a nice portable treat

Organic popcorn: perfect for movie night 

(of course....this is a big one) I buy whatever is in season and pack my fridge with tons of fruits because both of my kids LOVE fruit! This is their #1 snack for sure.

Veggies: organic baby carrots and cucumber are my kids faves. My 3 year old is actually a huge hummus fan so offer a little of that with the carrots. 

Organic yogurt with fruit and organic granola. This is my daughters favorite snack. I buy organic vanilla yogurt, add blueberries and Natures Path Organic granola and she acts like its dessert!

Unsweetened Applesauce or homemade applesauce : My Mom cans a lot of unsweetened applesauce in the fall and she usually keeps me stocked at all times!

Dole Dippers or Dianas Bananas:
 This is a treat for my kids. They love these and definitely beg for them! I give them this instead of ice cream.

Pretzels/Black bean chips/Organic blue corn tortilla chips/Annie's cheddar bunnies/Mary's Gone Crackers: Sometimes the kids want a crunchy snack and these are my go-to.

Siggy's Yogurt Tubes: A lot of yogurt tubes have Carageenan in them and I try to stay away from that. Siggys yogurt tubes have only a few ingredients and my kids love the blueberry. These are great for on-the-go or to pack in lunchboxes.

Organic cheese sticks: Great for a quick snack with some baby carrots or an apple

Oat Muffins/bread: My kids love all of my recipes for oat muffins or oatmeal breads....The Chocolate zucchini muffins are probably their fave!

Energy Balls: They are sticky and sweet and any kid would love these!

Bars: I think it is really hard to find a granola bar that has great ingredients in them and not a ton of sugar for my kids. I like making the 5 ingredient Sunflower Granola Bar because it is SO easy and my kids love these!

Apple Cookies: Slice apples in disks, cut out core, top with all natural peanut butter, granola, coconut, dark chocolate chips...really anything!

Favorite Kid Lunches:

banana wrap
Whole grain wrap, all narutal crunchy pb, cinnamon and banana

Banana Wrap: What kid doesn't like banana and peanut butter?

Cheese or PB toast: If they don't have this for breakfast...they usually want it for lunch!

Fruit/Veggies: I always serve some sort of fruit for lunch. Baby carrots are usually great with a side of cheese toast.

Yogurt/fruit/granola: This is a great snack but also filling enough to lunch!

Favorite Kid Dinners:

Salsa turkey with rice, green beans, and mango
Salsa Turkey with brown rice, mango and green beans

Salsa Turkey (instead of a lettuce wrap I serve this with brown rice and it is a HUGE hit!

Breakfast for dinner: See the list from above....we do this every week!

Naan Pizzas: Whole wheat naan bread (or whole wheat pitas) with organic pizza sauce and organic cheese

Mac and Cheese: Annie's Organic Whole Wheat Mac and Cheese is our go-to on a busy night and they kids totally think this is a treat!

Crock Pot Vegetable Soup: surprisingly this is a huge hit and packed with veggies! 

Snacky dinner: fruit, veggies, cheese toast, cheese cubes, nitrate free ham slices, applesauce (I really just open up the fridge and just grab anything that needs to be used up!

Peanut Butter and Jelly: My daughter is not a fan of pb&j but my son LOVES peanut butter sandwiches. I use organic strawberry preserves for the jelly part. 

Anything I cook for myself: I like to try out a lot of new recipes. When I serve it to them, I just break it apart the meat, chop up some veggies, add in some chopped avocado and maybe a little fruit on the side. Simple enough! I call every meat chicken because they know they like chicken...ha! Sometimes I make fancy names to excite them about what I am making. It works!

Kid drinks:

organic whole milk
Organic Whole Milk

Organic Whole Milk: My kids love milk and I always buy organic. Whole milk is less processed so I always stick for the full fat stuff!

Water: Milk and water are pretty much the only options for drinks in my house and kids are fine with that.

Honest Kids: When I need something portable and a treat....Honest Kids Berry Lemonade is my fave and they love it!

Smoothies: I make protein shakes or smoothies every day for myself and my kids beg for me to make one for them. Their favorite is my Almond Butter Banana Green Monster Smoothie. Smoothies are a very easy way to get spinach into your kids!

Want more {kid friendly} clean eating snack ideas? Check out my {Clean Eating for Kids} post!

I hope this gives you guys some ideas on foods to try out on your kids!! What is your kids favorite meals/snacks???

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