Friday, July 31, 2015

{Five on Friday} 7/31/15

TGIF!!!! Am I right??

I wanted to wish you all a fabulous weekend and share with you guys some of my new loves.....

{one} Honest Tea Unsweetened Cinnamon Sunrise

I know I talk a lot about herbal tea these days but I am hooked. I really feel like it is perfect when I feel like mindlessly snacking. I love hot tea or cold tea. If you have followed my blog for know that I have been obsessed with Honest tea for a while. Other than water, black coffee and hot tea...there are very few drinks that I feel like fit into my "clean eating" lifestyle. Honest tea is one that definitely fits the bill. When I was pregnant with my 3rd child, Honest Tea White Peach tea was the only thing I could drink during my first trimester. Water made me sick but tea...was just right! I am even more excited because they have come out with unsweetened tea!! I tried the Cinnamon Sunrise and it is hard to say but I think this may be my new favorite! My husband was sneaking and stealing them because he is also a little obsessed. If you are looking for something (other than water) to drink...give these a try. Let me know what you think. :)

{two} FXP Fitness Hula Workout

Don't laugh....this workout is no joke. This is not the hula hooping you remember from elementary school! This is a hard core, barre inspired workout. Yes...there is hula hooping and it is super fun and challenging...but this workout made me so sore for days!! There is a cardio, lower body and arms/abs routine and I really enjoyed all of them. They are broken into 15 minute workouts so you can do one or all 3 and fit it in in less than 1 hour. I was sweaty and struggling to get through some of it! It is a good kind of burn. My daughter found this hysterical. She even took the hula hoop for a spin. I will definitely keep adding this into my workout routine. I really feel like it is a fun addition that will challenge my body! It is good to switch things up!! Have you hula hooped lately??

{three} Odd Mom Out

Odd Mom Out
Odd Mom Out
I love really light-hearted, funny shows to watch at night. I am not into forensic anything, action packed or any shows that will make me cry these days. This is a really funny, quirky Mom show and I may have binge watched every episode on my Roku! I am always looking for funny shows so what's your favorite?? Anything that I must watch?

{four} Organic Gardening

 I have to give complete credit to my husband on this one. He has done such a great job on our first ever garden. We have a TON of tomatoes, jalapenos, red peppers and cilantro still growing at this point. We have learned a lot so far and now we are planning our fall garden. My husband just made his first barrel compost and he has a worm compost already doing its thing! I would love to grow spaghetti squash and kale this fall. My list is a mile long of things that I want to start growing!  My husband keeps trying to convince me to get chickens. I would love to have my own organic eggs and I know that my kids would LOVE IT!!

{five} Homemade Ice Cream
Homemade Maple Ice Cream
Photo cred: 100 Days Of Real Food 

Last weekend we decided it would be great to make homemade ice cream to eat while putting together a swing set that we got for my baby girls 6th birthday present. I feel like I need to start making this a weekend ritual. Homemade ice cream is SO much better than store bought!  I tried out 100 Days of Real Food Maple Pecan ice cream and it was SO good!! My Mother-in-law made homemade peach ice cream from locally grown peaches and my Mom made a homemade fruit ice cream that was my all time favorite as a child. That reminds me...I need to share my grandmothers fruit ice cream recipe with you is SO good. Stay tuned for that!

Hope you all have a great weekend?? What are some new things that you are loving??

**I did not get compensated for this post. Some items were sent to me for review purposes but I only share what I truly love! 


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