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{Farm to Table Restaurants} DFC Farms Trading Co. & Cafè}

Do you frequent your local Farm to Fork restaurant? There are SO many reasons why you should support local farms and farm to table restaurants!! Let me walk you through my FAVORITE local farm to table restaurant so you can see why I fell in love.....

Come on in!! My favorite Farm to Fork Restaurant in Monroe, NC!

First off the food in insanely some of the best food that I have ever tasted. Stuffed french toast, homemade pimento cheese, uncured local bacon, and the freshest fruits and veggies around! During the week they serve breakfast and lunch. You can get yummy, fresh, locally made pastries and cold brewed coffee for breakfast. For lunch, they serve anything from salads, burgers, sandwiches. That day they were serving Bourbon Chicken good does that sound?

{from upper left:  Farmers Salad with lemongrass dressing, local pastries, Pimento cheese/bacon sandwich on a fresh croissant with fried squash, BLT on sourdough with macaroni salad. SO GOOD!!} 

The decor is super relaxed...which I stuffiness here. There are people with suits on, tatted up dudes and prissy girls, like myself,....all enjoying LOCAL deliciousness!

This place stands for everything that I believe in. The food tastes better than anywhere else because the food didn't travel thousands of miles to get on my plate. Local farmers (like my Grandpa and Great Uncle) grew this food!! Nutritionally you can't beat food that has literally been in the ground hours before you eat it. All of the vitamins and nutrients are retained and the food is at its absolute best!

Local farmers and cooks bring in the freshest fruits, veggies, jams, nut butters and even cupcakes to sell at the restaurant! What a great way to support the community!

Executive Chef Don Simmons is so passionate about serving this community. He cares about his food. He cares that people are fed with the best local food that he can get his hands on. He has had quite the background. He has cooked for some of the best all over the country but has settled here in Monroe to do what he loves...serve his community AWESOME food from local growers and cooks. He plans his menu the day of. He relies on what the farmers have brought to him that day and plans his menu around that. Literally....every thing on your plate was made locally with the best ingredients. No....they don't go to Harris Teeter when they run out of tomatoes...if it wasn't grown or made locally...they don't serve it.

The owner, Farrah Hargett, is such a great hostess and makes you feel like you are coming into her home. She is caring and loves what she does. She has a passion for serving this community and you can see the joy in her face when people are well fed and happy! She makes sure that every single person is taken care of with a smile on her face. She knows her customers. Not just their names...she knows their story...their family, their likes and their dislikes...even their allergens! How awesome!!

This restaurant is the kind of place where you go to fellowship with others in your local community. Everyone there is friendly and approachable. People are chatting with strangers from the table next to them. Instagramming their fabulous plates of beautiful food is a popular past time at DFC! The food is pretty enough for a picture....don't you think??

If you live anywhere near this place...take a drive and check it out. Trust me. It is important that we support restaurants like this one. It is the only way that we can support our local community, local farmers and control the quality of the food that we eat!

Don't live in NC??? No problem....look around and find your local farm to fork restaurant and make it your home away from home. If you aren't cooking at should be dining at these restaurants!

I want to see your local Farm to fork food! Please #WholeFoodsNewBody so I can see!! :)

I was not compensated for this post....I am passionate about supporting local farmers, local farm to table restaurants and fresh, LOCAL, REAL food and I hope you will too!!!


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  2. I attended a few company events here and I must say that I was impressed every time. The place was aesthetically pleasing with very good decorations and seats. The Chicago venues had a great layout overall, and was at a comfortable temperature.


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