Monday, June 8, 2015

{Meal Planning Monday} 6/8/15


Hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was busy but a lot of fun! Its been a while since I have done a {Meal Planning Monday} post so I thought I would share with you guys my weekly eats! I decided to be even more detailed and tell you guys literally everything that I will eat this week! I also included my new workout challenge that I am super excited about!!



  • Homemade trail mix: Walnuts, toasted coconut chips, raisins and dark chocolate chips with an apple.

  • Coconut Greek yogurt with berries and granola


  • Banana wrap: La tortilla low carb wrap, crunchy all natural peanut butter, cinnamon and a banana.

  • Scrambled eggs with Cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread topped with peanut butter

Dinners this week:

  • Veggie Burgers (I love Dr. Praeggers California burgers) on top of greens from our garden and topped with avocado and grilled onions. I will probably make a baked sweet potato to eat on the side!
  • Omelettes and Pancakes: My kids beg for this dinner. I use Bobs Red Mill 10 grain mix and add banana slices or a few dark chocolate chips. They LOVE pancakes. I use real maple syrup or the kids will eat them plain! I usually eat an omelette with chicken sausage, spinach, onions and feta on the inside. 

  • BLAT Wraps with goat cheese and roasted okra on the side.
  • Grilled chicken with grilled veggies on the side : (super simple) I love zucchini, squash, onions and bell peppers grilled with olive oil, salt and pepper! SO good! Oh and I always throw some  pineapple rings on the grill too. There is nothing better than grilled pineapple!


  •  LOTS OF WATER, black coffee, herbal tea, La Croix



I loved the Bikini Series from Tone it up! I have been doing their workouts for the past 8 weeks and I really enjoy them. I am not an official member (because I have a hard time committing) but every Sunday they post a weekly schedule that includes a ton of their free workouts so I just follow along and modify when I want to do something different. I LOVE, love, love their yoga routines. They have a Summer Bikini Program that starts today so if you want to do it with me.....check out their website for the weekly schedule! Be sure to leave me a comment on facebook or below telling me if you are gonna commit to the challenge! 

So tell me....

Are you going to join the Bikini Program with me??

Going to make any of the meals above?

What is your favorite healthy summer dessert?


  1. Woohoo! I love a good list of meal ideas. :) I'm currently struggling with eating healthy while being a new mom of a 6 month old and working full time also. So the fact that you stay on top of this while being a mom of 3 is admirable. ;)
    I have not been doing any form of exercise, besides lifting a baby, so I have not checked out these workouts, but I plan on doing so. I just struggle with finding the time...
    As always, thanks for your post!

  2. Huge fan of banana ice cream, need to try grilled pineapple!!

  3. I remember how bad I used to feel before adding Green drink in my diet. I had undeniably let my health slip and my daily carbs definitely got the best of me.


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