Wednesday, May 28, 2014

{What I Ate Wednesday} 5/28/14

Happy Wednesday!!! 

So I may have splurged a little too much over the weekend and I was hoping to get back on track yesterday but it just happened to be my 8 year wedding anniversary! I was pretty exhausted so my husband brought me home takeout from my favorite restaurant! He also brought me home my favorite dessert! Ooops! Some occasions are worth the splurge and this was totally one of them!! 

Here is {What I Ate Wednesday}:

Breakfast: Super simple Egg McMuffin with egg, colby jack cheese, organic strawberry preserves on an Ezekiel english muffin.

Lunch: Banana wrap with a small whole wheat tortilla, natural chunky peanut butter and half a banana.

Snack: Clif bar (Coconut Chocolate) Whoa...these things are good.

Another Snack: Bartlett pear, half of an avocado with sea salt and a few garden pickles. Very odd combo but this is what sounded good at the time!

Dinner: My spurge meal for sure! I had a shrimp and a steak taco with a chopped side salad and slaw on the side. Soooo good! My hubby also brought me their Cuatro Leches Cake for dessert. This stuff is to die for!! I am not even kidding! I split it with my husband, of course, and it was delicious!

So tell me....

What is your favorite splurge meal or dessert???


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