Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2nd Trimester Must-Haves

Good Morning! Since I am officially in my 3rd trimester now I thought it would be fun to continue on with my pregnancy {MUST-HAVES} posts! If you haven't checked out my {Must Haves for the 1st trimester} yet....go ahead and see what helped me survive the first few months of pregnancy! The second trimester was SO MUCH better than my first. I felt pretty good, the nausea was gone and I actually had ENERGY!!! These are a few items that I could NOT have lived without during my 2nd trimester!!

1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow: This thing has been a lifesaver! I tried to sleep without this one night and it was impossible. I am a stomach sleeper so this pillow has made sleeping on my side much easier! It is more affordable than some of the others and I highly recommend it!

2. Bio oil: I acquired A LOT of stretch marks during my first pregnancy even though I slathered myself in cocoa butter daily. I got a few more during my second pregnancy so my plan for the third was just to eat healthy and gain weight slowly!! I love this bio-oil though. My belly has been really itchy lately and this stops the itch instantly! I am also praying that it will prevent any more stretch marks!

3.  Tums Antacid Breath Mints: I despise antacids. DESPISE THEM! I have tried every brand and nothing helps me gag these things down! I had heart burn on and off this entire pregnancy and my husband bought me these to try and WOW! They actually taste like a breath mint but work like any other antacid. No chalky texture! I love these things!  

4. Mossimo Yoga pants: This is all I wear!! If you come to my house right now....you will catch me in a pair of yoga pants. I actually do wear real clothes to go out to dinner and visit with family but pretty much every other minute of the week....I live in these! They aren't maternity but they fit great and are SO comfortable! 

5. Simply Saline Nasal Spray: I don't know if it is pregnancy congestion or just allergies but I have had terrible sinus pain on and off for the past few months. I don't really like taking medications while pregnant so this is a great alternative. I use it as a spray or to irrigate my sinuses and Viola! The sinus pain is GONE! 

6. Liz Lange Maternity T-shirts: These shirts were a great find. They fit great and look cute with yoga pants or a cute pair of shorts or capris. I don't like maternity shirts that are too frilly or with ties everywhere....these are simple and I love them!

I would love to hear what your pregnancy MUST-HAVES are!!! Any tips for the 3rd trimester??


  1. Good morning !
    As it is still a relatively rare event, I would love to hear from any of you who have helped manage pregnant women on dialysis.
    Thanks a lot!

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