Monday, April 7, 2014

VIDEO: {How to Meal Plan in 5 EASY Steps!}

Hey you guys!! I definitely enjoyed filming the last video {Clean Eating Must-Haves} for you guys so I thought I would give it another go! Sometimes it just helps to hear someone talking about their food or process than reading their words!!

Meal Planning has changed the way I eat. No more boring dinners, unhealthy frozen entree's or take out for this girl! Well...maybe on rare occasion but the majority of my week is full of healthy, easy, FUN recipes for my family. No...I don't spend a lot of time meal planning or cooking! I don't have a lot of time and I know you don't either!!

So without further adieu....

Be sure to "like" my video if you found it helpful!! Oh and subscribe to my channel! I plan on posting a lot more videos!!! :)

So tell me...

What meal planning tip did you find useful??

What should my next video be about??


  1. You might have said this in your video (my kids were "helping" me watch, lol) but where do you do your online grocery shopping? And do you get your perishables like milk, yogurt, and meats online, too? How does that work? Thanks!

    1. Hey Emily! I do my grocery shopping online at Harris Teeter. I order everything from there. You just add things to your cart online and check out. You pick a time that you can pick them up, swing through, they swipe your card and load your groceries in your car. Best thing ever!!!


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