Wednesday, January 6, 2016

{loving lately}1/6/16

Hi!! I haven't been blogging quite as much know....the holidays are crazy. They were wonderful but also super crazy busy. Things are finally settling down and I'm able to get back to normal!

January is so great because I feel like you get to hit the reset button. I always like to start the year by taking a good look at my life and mentally making a plan for things I would like to change moving forward. 

I knew getting back on track with my eating and fitness would be important. Although I don't ever "let myself go" when it comes to food. I like healthy food. It's no punishment that I need relief from! I just like to get back to less indulging and more of a focus on the BEST quality food that I can eat and feed my family. 

I want to worry less and enjoy more. Isn't that what we all want?'s January....

I started 30 days of Yoga Camp and I LOVE it! 

I've been eating my usual healthy breakfast..

I've been drinking a lot of coffee and herbal tea :) **I've been sick so hot liquids have felt great 

I've even made "spa" water....

I've eaten grapefruit (and liked it)

I've eaten a lot of breakfast, brunch and brinner:)

I've stuck with my obsession for coconut Greek yogurt and blueberries...

I've eaten a banana and almond butter (without a wrap) I'm even shocked by that one.

I've done a lot of snuggling with my 3 babies under this blanket! :) 

I've done a lot of diaper changing and laundry too but I know you guys don't want to hear about that! 

So far 2016 is looking pretty good! 

What are you switching up? 

Habits to give up?

 New healthier habits to start doing?


  1. Oh my gosh the "breakfast, brunch, and brinner" killed me! If I could eat breakfast for every meal I would. Who needs normal food? I'm happy with some waffles, eggs, and bacon :)


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