Friday, May 1, 2015

{Five on Friday} 5/1/15

TGIF!! Woo Hoo!! Happy first day of May!

I have a weekend full of laying hardwood floors with my husband...yay...I mean ugh...but it's okay...I am excited to see the finished product! Wish us luck! These are things I am LOVING lately....

one: Lavanilla deodorant

I can't even explain to you how excited I am about this. I have been using Secret clear gel for years and not totally happy with the odor protection after a super sweaty workout! I have been on the hunt for an all natural deodorant but I thought for sure there is no way that it would work for me. Well....I have finally found it. This one lasts all day for me...even after my sweaty workouts!! I LOVE. LOVE, LOVE the scent and I am totally sold on this deodorant! No more crazy chemicals and better odor protection than the others! Woo hoo! Is it weird to be that excited over deodorant?

two: Younger

My new favorite show!! Have you guys seen this? I think it is super funny and even my husband likes it. Don't tell him I told you guys that! HA!

three: Smoothies

It is warmer outside and there is really nothing better than a cold smoothie after my workouts. I have been adding coconut water to mine lately just to bump up the electrolytes! They are filling, refreshing and yummy! This is my new fave....

four: Ban wipes

I am slightly embarrassed to admit this but I can't always shower after my workouts. I have an 8 month old and a 3 year at home during the day and they don't allow me to take 10 minutes to myself during the day to shower. These wipes are perfect after a workout. They smell SO good and leave your skin feeling super soft! If you are a gym go-er....these are a must for your gym bag!

five: Tone it Up

I am slightly ADHD when it comes to my workouts and I like to switch things around constantly. I signed up for the Bikini Series with these ladies and although I am not following it to a T...I have been doing a ton of their free workouts and I LOVE THEM! They are just what I like. I am not much of a jogger (which they recommend in the morning) but I do love their cardio HIITs. They have free workouts to tone pretty much every part of your body and they are short so I can squeeze them in throughout the day! If you haven't should totally try one of their workouts. Let me know what you think!

Happy Friday!!! Now......time to lay some flooring! :(

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  1. Hope all goes well with the floors! I need to get those wipes, sometimes it's not easy getting in a shower after working out.


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