Thursday, April 9, 2015

{What kind of flour do I use??}

I get this question a lot so I thought I would write a quick blog post on what kind of flours I use and why!!

First things first....I don't really use flour much at all. These days I do very little baking or cooking that would require flour. The majority of my food is fruits, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats and a little whole grains in the mix. My favorite carbs are oats (steel cut and old fashioned), sweet potatoes (I know this is a vegetable but it is a very starchy one so I count it as a carb), whole grain wraps, whole grain pitas and brown rice on occasion. Oats and sweet potatoes are my go-to starches.

Now back to flours.....

There are TONS of different options when it comes to flours. I do not recommend the enriched white flour. Why., might ask?

They basically take all of the "good stuff" out of the flour during the process of refinement. They add the "nutrients" back in but it isn't the way that your body will understand it and use it correctly. Your body reacts to this starch the same way it would sugar. (source)

So.....just say no to enriched white flour and products that contain it. Instead give your body carbs through fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

What are the best alternatives??

  • Whole grain flour/Whole wheat flour: More nutrients, digested more slowly, higher in fiber. I actually use this for baking homemade breads for my family. This is a great substitute for white flour.

  • Oat Flour: This is probably my all time favorite flour substitute. I use this in all of my Oat bread recipes/muffins. All you do is grind up old fashioned oats in a food processor. They are cheap and very easy to get the gluten free version if you are sensitive. Oat flour is dense and makes very moist breads. They don't really get light and fluffy so use Whole grain flour if that is what you are looking for.

  • Almond flour: This is another one of my favorites! I like to use this for savory foods like meatloaf and sweet treats like muffins. It is great for paleo or gluten free diets. It is dense and nutty.

Yes....there are MANY other healthy flour alternatives but these are the ones that I have used and loved!! 

What are your favorite flour alternatives???

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