Wednesday, October 22, 2014

{What I Ate Wednesday} 10/22/14

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! Yesterday was just one of those days. Do you know what I mean? When you try so hard to make your day run smoothly and things just fall apart. I really didn't get anything accomplished and I pretty much had a kid crying at all hours of the day! Whew! Exhausting to say the least! I am just so thankful that I get a fresh start today. :)

Let me share with you guys what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: My favorite Steel Cut Oatmeal topped with all natural crunchy peanut butter and honey.

Snack: Apple and almonds

Lunch: Leftover Crock pot Pork tenderloin with a half of a baked sweet potato topped with cinnamon.

Snack: KIND bar **I think this was dark chocolate almond

Dinner: Salad from Newk's. It was a spring mix salad with chicken, cranberries, grapes, pecans, artichokes and blue cheese. Topped with balsamic vinaigrette.

All in all...not too bad considering all of the chaos!! I had every intention of cooking dinner but by the time 5:00 hit...I was exhausted and it was not happening! The salad was tasty and fast! 

So tell me...

What is your favorite healthier take out meal?


  1. you brought me luck! yesterday morning i found out your blog and in the evening i found out i am pregnant! so happy!you have an amazing blog and a beautifull family !

  2. i never tried steel cut oats before! Whats the difference!?

    1. They are less processed, digest slower and are delicious!! You should definitely try some! :)

  3. Wow its so wonderful and I love it. Thanks for sharing!!
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