Monday, October 20, 2014

My 10 day Cleanse RESULTS!

Hey you guys! I decided a couple weeks ago that I needed to do something to shake my system up. I was feeling very lethargic, my immune system was weak and my eating although mostly clean was a little too dependent on convenience items. Life has been so crazy after the addition of my 3rd child that I haven't been able to figure out how to fit in time for me. Time to make myself actual meals instead of grabbing a bar or a piece of fruit and calling it lunch! I chose the 10 day Advocare Cleanse after hearing about how great my friend felt after doing hers!

Now on to my results:

First off let me say this....I did not follow this cleanse exactly like you are supposed to. I didn't do a lot of research prior to purchasing this cleanse and after receiving it....I realized that the fiber drink that you are supposed to drink most of the days of the cleanse has sucralose in it. I like to avoid artificial sweeteners which is why I opted out of the Spark energy drink that is also recommended for the cleanse. I decided not to do the fiber drink either. I did take the Probiotic supplements and the herbal cleanse pills. I ate pretty much the way that I always do but I didn't eat any bars or dark chocolate! I also didn't have any of my beloved Ezekiel bread. I focused on eating mainly lean proteins, fruits, veggies and healthy fats. I did drink black coffee and I tried to eat the recommended 5 meals a day although some days were crazy and I didn't get 2 snacks in. I am not posting my before and after pics because well...they look exactly the same! :)

I didn't lose any weight and it is hard to tell if my immune system was boosted or not. I do feel pretty good and I feel like my digestion has improved. This cleanse may have not been a huge change for me but one thing it did do was force me to focus on eating more protein and start cooking again! I have been eating WAY more veggies than I was before so for that reason alone....I am glad that I did it. Would  I do it again......probably not...just because I don't think that I need to detox. I am a clean eater and have been for years. What I really need to do is exercise! I have got to figure out a way to fit that in and find some options that I can physically do at this point. I know that exercise will improve my energy and make me feel fabulous! I hate doing it but I am so glad I did when it is done!

My husband also participated in this cleanse. He was eating terrible when he wasn't at home. I don't have any unhealthy food in the house so when he would leave for work...he would stop by Dunkin Doughnuts for candy all day and then even stop and get fast food before coming home to eat one of my "healthy" dinners. It was bad...ya'll! This was a great and much needed change for him. He has lost almost 10 pounds and has been eating SO much better!! I hope that he will continue with this way of eating but who knows! I am not convinced yet!

My final thoughts:

If you are eating terrible and you need something very structured to change your life...I think this may be a good option for you. I wouldn't buy the whole herbal cleanse box. I think that the probiotic restore pills and the herbal cleanse pills are good products but I would replace the fiber drink with metamucil or add flaxseed meal to your oatmeal or shakes.

I am still on the fence about cleanses. Just eat clean and exercise. It is pretty simple. If you want to change your life and become a healthier on my Clean Eating tab at the top of the page. There is so much useful information there! You can do this!! I promise that it seems challenging at first but once you commit to changing your will get easier every day. I eat this way because I love it and because I feel good while doing it! Feel free to ask me any questions! I have a ton of great resources on the blog that will help you change your life!!

Thank you all your support and kind words! I am far from perfect but I just try to be as real with you guys as I can be! It is nice to have so many wonderful ladies (and gentlemen) on this journey with me! :)


  1. I super love your honesty...thanks for posting your experience!

  2. Yes, thank you for your honesty. I was introduced to Advocare a year and a half ago before I got married and I was "all in". I did the cleanse, not aware of the artificial sweetener, because honestly I still am not knowledgeable about all that stuff just yet and I felt great on it. I had so much energy I even went on a run! I NEVER RUN! :) I was doing Crossfit at the time and everyone at my gym was doing Advocare. My coach even became a distributor. But I slowly began to fall off the bandwagon and especially when I got pregnant I stopped taking any of their products. I'm sad to hear about the Spark because I love that stuff. I would drink it instead of coffee because it really woke me up and got my day started. But, knowledge is power. Thank you for trying it and being honest in your review.

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  4. Thank you for sharing this, I was about to follow mucous cleanser


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