Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Postpartum Update {2 weeks}

Hey you guys!!! Sorry for being a little MIA these days! Adjusting to life with a newborn and now a mommy to 3 has been quite busy!! Most of my days are spent feeding children, cleaning, doing laundry, snuggling (of course) and sleeping a little! It's been crazy but wonderful all at the same time!

I kind of cringe at the thought of showing postpartum pics! I have never been a fan of this phase! Although I will say that I have much less weight to lose at this point than usual...it's never a good feeling to look pregnant when you aren't! I know that it takes time for your body to get back to it's prepregnancy shape but I'm pretty impatient and I hate not having clothes that fit! These days I'm living in yoga pants, athletic shorts and t-shirts! I'm lucky if my hair is clean...a ponytail is my norm and make up is a luxury! I'm looking hot...let me tell you! 

This is my 2 week postpartum pic:

I gained 28 lbs. total for this pregnancy. I lost about 10 in the hospital and 8 more of water weight in the past couple weeks. I have 10 more lbs. to go until I'm back at my pre- pregnancy weight. I know it will take some time and I don't think my uterus is back to normal quite yet! 

These pics make me cringe for sure but here are my postpartum belly pics! I want to be real with you guys because I'm not the type of girl that has a baby and comes home wearing her pre-pregnancy clothes! It usually takes me a good year or more to lose all the baby weight. That won't be the case this time around because of clean eating and not gaining a ton of weight during my pregnancy but here goes! Yikes!

I have been wearing a Squeem (postpartum corset type thing) since my third day postpartum and I plan to wear it  at least until my third week. Not sure if it's helping my waist or not but it does help with my posture and I feel more held together! I'm starting to feel more like normal (Thank Goodness!!) but it's still a little painful for me to walk sometimes. I have Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction  which basically means that the ligament in my pelvic bone stretched a little too far during pregnancy/childbirth. Luckily it seems to be improving and I'm hoping that after this week...the pain will be gone! 

I promise to keep you guys updated on my progress and keep sharing with you guys new healthy recipes, my daily eats, and clean eating tips along the way! 

Now....back to laundry...feeding...and snuggling!! :) 

The Squeem makers have no idea who I am. I am not getting paid by them to write this post. I just happened to choose this corset after my last pregnancy (although I did not wear it) and have decided to give it a try this time around. I do really like it and I promise to give you guys my honest opinion about it! :)

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