Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Birth Story {Knox}

Hey you guys!!'s been a busy week for me!! So let me tell you guys how it all went down!!

Last Sunday {Aug. 10th} I woke up at 2 a.m. with contractions. I knew these were different than the Braxton Hicks contractions that I had been having. I started timing them and they were 5 minutes apart. After 20 minutes of timing...they were now 3 minutes apart and getting more and more intense! We called the doc and he said to come on in to L&D. 

Things went really fast at that point. After an hour of getting settled in the hospital..I was already at 10 cm and ready to push! Worst contractions ever!! This was the first labor that I have had without an epidural or any pain meds!! After a few minutes of pushing...we welcomed our sweet baby boy into this world!! Best feeling ever! They laid him on my stomach and I fell in love at first sight! 

He was 8 lbs. 12 oz....which is a whole pound larger than my last baby! Whew!!! 

We were discharged 30 hours later! Baby Knox and I were doing great and I was ready to get home to sleep in my own bed!!!

This week has been wonderful. The cramps/muscle aches have been pretty rough. I hear they get a little harder after each baby. I am beyond in love with my family of 5. My other babies are absolutely in love with Knox and my husband has been too good to be true. I have enjoyed every second of him being home with me. He takes care of everyone and it melts me to see him loving on Knox. 

Thank you all for the sweet comments!! I promise to do some postpartum weight loss updates with pics! Yikes! I'm going to get back on the weight loss train shortly so I am excited for you guys to follow my journey! :)

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  1. Knox is so cute! I love his name! My sister just had a baby boy on 15th and has 2 little girls so it's her third just like you! I just found your blog while looking for a clean eating recipe. Thank you for taking time from your busy life to post your menus & links. I've been using the magazine but I like your recipes a lot. Where do you get them?


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