Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{38 week BUMPdate}

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!! I am in the home stretch now!! I could go into labor anytime or I may still have a couple weeks to go! Who knows? It is kind of exciting and scary all at the same time. I went past due with both of my babies so it is definitely possible that that could happen again. I am ready....I think!! The only thing I have left is to get a bag packed for the hospital for me and my baby boy. I also need to pack a few things for my kids because they will be staying at the Grandparents house while I am in the hospital. I should probably do all that soon....Right?

How Far Along?  38 weeks 

Size of BabyThe size of a large watermelon. (6.5 lbs. 19-22 inches) 

Gender: Baby boy

Weight Gain: 26 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Yoga pants and maternity t-shirts most days. Maternity dresses for going out and about. Those are the most comfortable these days. My maternity t-shirts are getting too small!! My belly has dropped and I definitely about to POP!

Nursery: No clue. :) We won't be planning the nursery until our new house is built which is a couple months after the baby is born. Baby boy will be sleeping in Mom and Dad's room for the first few months which I don't mind at all!! I did buy a Fisher Price Rock-n-play for him to sleep in. 

Movement: He is moving a lot! It is getting a little painful with some movements! I feel like my skin can't possible stretch any further! I do love the movement and kicks though. I can tell he is a full sized baby for sure!! He has no room left!

Symptoms: Heartburn, a lot of round ligament pain, achy back, slightly swollen feet and hands. I have started to get contractions every now and then. Nothing serious and they usually stop after I lay down and chug some water!

Sleep: It is getting harder and harder to find a comfortable position at night. Most nights are okay. I wake up quite a few times but I usually get at least 6-7 hours of sleep a night. I am enjoying that while I can!

Cravings: Hmmm...I guess anything cold!! It is so hot outside....I have been craving homemade ice cream and fro yo!

What I Miss: Being able to find a comfortable position easily and bend over!! 

Best Moment This Week: Receiving baby boy's going home outfit. It is adorable and tiny and it made me smile for sure!!

So tell me.....

What do I need to pack for the hospital??

What is something I should definitely do or document before delivery??

Anyone else always go past due??

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