Wednesday, October 30, 2013

{What I Ate Wednesday} 10/30/13

Happy Hump Day!! Half the week is officially over and I am much more excited about the second half!! Halloween is always so much fun! I can't wait to take the kids trick-or-treating to their grandparents houses. We don't venture out much more than that but trust me...they get WAY too much candy just with a few stops!!

Thank you to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting one of my favorite link parties! I look forward to seeing what everyone else is eating each week!! 

Breakfast: My usual Steel Cut Oatmeal. I topped it with maple syrup and raisins. I never get tired of this stuff! I had this with 2 cups of my favorite French Roast Coffee.

Snack: I made one of my all time favorite smoothies....Banana Almond Butter Green Monster Smoothie....and it was AWESOME! Even better than I had remembered! It tastes like a banana peanut butter shake but is loaded with spinach and flax seed!! 

Lunch: I attempted to make some protein crepes but it was a huge fail. I had the most awesome crepes over the weekend and I really wanted to find a healthier way to enjoy them. Let's just say....I am still working on it!! I just have to perfect the texture!

Snack: My husband said as we was leaving yesterday morning that he sure has missed having bread or muffins to take to work with him. Sad face. I promised that I would make some for him and that is just what I did. I wanted a really tasty apple bread and I nailed it. This is delicious and reminds me of an apple cake that my Mom makes every Fall. The recipe will be posted soon...I promise!

Pre-dinner snack: I snacked on some roasted pepitas while cooking dinner. This is the first year that I have roasted my own pumpkin seeds and I was amazed at how good they turned out. This will be a new tradition for me for sure!! I just roasted mine with olive oil and sea salt but I think they would taste good just about any way. I had quite a few these things have calories?? Ooops!

Dinner: Dinner was delicious and EASY! I made my classic meatloaf with roasted green beans. This took me absolutely no time to whip up and my family loved it. My 21 month old ate close to 1/4 of a pound of meat! 

Dessert: Lindtt Intense Orange Dark Chocolate Square....this is great for when you just need something sweet after dinner. I also love the flavor combo of orange and dark chocolate. Perfect for this time of year!

So tell me.....

Do you make your own pepitas? How do you season yours??

Favorite stuffing for crepes??

Favorite dark chocolate snack???


  1. I think I need to try that Green Monster smoothie. GO RED SOX!! :)

    -Elise @

  2. I love steel cut oats! I make them in a crockpot overnight. I love how easy and filling they are.


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