Thursday, August 22, 2013

{How to stay on track during vacation}

I will be leaving for vacation very soon and it got me thinking about how I will stay on track while I am not at home. It is very easy to go out of town and eat and drink and splurge a little too much! Coming home 5 lbs. heavier is not really what I have planned!

I have a few tips on how I plan on staying on track with my "clean" eating and healthy lifestyle on vacation and I wanted to share them with you!

Tip #1: Plan and Pack healthy snacks for the road

Gas stations don't really have a lot to offer for "clean" eaters. Sure you may be able to find some suitable snacks but I really want to plan ahead so I won't be tempted to get off track! We will be packing a bag of snacks, as well as, a cooler. Some options to pack would be:

Raw Almonds
Organic baby carrots
Single serve almond butter packages
Bottles of water
Honest Tea
Honest Tea Kids drinks
Freeze dried fruit
Baked Apple Chips

Tip #2: Make some homemade treats

Make some of your favorite homemade treats to take with you so you will have some healthy options to nibble on all week. I plan on baking Peach Ginger Bread, Skinny Fudge Brownies and Granola bars to take with us. It will only take me an hour or so to make all of that the day before and it will be great having some homemade options within reach. I will also make sure to buy all the same foods that I eat on a regular basis to fill my fridge on vacation.

Tip #3: Watch the Alcohol

Sure the clean eater in me would say drink water and only water all week but I know that isn't very realistic. My best advice is drink water during the day and save the drinks for dinner. Drinking beer after beer while basking in the sun is adding a TON of calories to your day and only going to dehydrate you. Make smarter choices with your alcoholic beverages as well. Vodka Soda with a splash of lime, wine and Skinnygirl drinks are all great options that won't weigh you down!

Tip #4: Find ways to fit in your workout

I plan on taking my Focus T25 and Chalean Extreme videos on vacation with me. They are 25-30 minutes a day! I can easily fit that in. The only equipment I will need is a few resisitance bands and my yoga mat. My hubby and I have also planned for some great run/walks on the beach. Maybe even a little exploring around the town. Cardio can be fun! Running on the beach is definitely a awesome workout in itself! We will definitely be bringing the jogging stroller!

Tip #5: Enjoy yourself

Have fun! Don't obsess over everything you put in your mouth! Eat well the majority of the time and splurge when it is worth it. I think taking my kids out for homemade ice cream is WORTH it! Life is all about balance. Make memories and take time to relax!!

What is your best tip for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on vacation??


  1. We are leaving early tomorrow morning and I spent the day packing! Which definitely included lots of healthy snack prep. I always pack raw nuts and dried fruit, LARABARS, homemade granola bars or oat nuggets for my son, veggies, yogurt, bananas, almond butter and kale chips!


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