Friday, August 23, 2013

{5 on Friday} 8/23/13

Happy Friday!!! It is FIVE ON FRIDAY time!!! 

one: Suave Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo & Conditioner

I have used every kind of shampoo and conditioner. I have tried expensive salon brands and now Suave! Who knew?? I read a lot of great reviews about this shampoo and decided to give it a try. It says that it is equally as moisturizing as the Aveda Moisturizing shampoo. So good! I plan on giving it a week or two before I decide if it is a keeper! I am loving how cheap it is though!

two:  breakfast oat cookie

This breakfast cookie is rocking my world! So delicious. I kind of feel guilty for eating it. It tastes like dessert! I can thank The Fitnessista for this awesome recipe. Try it!!!!!

three: Neutrogena Grapefruit Acne Face Wash

For some reason...I'm starting to break out like a teenager. I have always had clear skin so this is crazy for me! It could be could be hormones. Who knows? I'm now switching up my usual face wash to an acne cleanser. I really like this grapefruit face wash by Neutrogena. Smells delicious! Let's hope it works! 

Neutrogena Acne Cleanser

four: Pale and I'm Rocking it!

I so want this shirt!!! I'm pale and that's okay!!! Skin cancer free is the way to go! Pale is the new tanned...Right??

five: Pinterest hair styles 

Thank you Pinterest for teaching me how to fix my hair! I have worn my hair down, pony tail or low messy bun for far too long! I'm ready to switch it up! I tried out a few new styles this week and actually found a few that I liked. Heck...I even did a sock bun! Who would have ever thought! :)

So tell me......tricks for adult acne?? Hair styles you are loving?? Favorite new breakfast?? I would love to know! 

Hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!!


  1. Love the T-shirt! I think this is the first summer I haven't cared a bit about not being tan. My legs look bigger and you can see my cellulite a little more without a tan but who cares! I'd rather that than skin cancer!
    I found a tool to help with the sock bun at H&M the other day and it worked! My hair is super thin and stringy so the actual sock wasn't working. This thing is like a sponge so it kept my hair from falling out. Have you heard of the skintervention guide? I haven't personally used it but have heard great things! It's a more natural way to cure skin ailments :-)

    1. Will definitely be checking both of those out! The sock seemed to work okay for me...I have very thick, curly hair!! I definitely need a SKINTERVENTION! I am desperate!! HA! Thank you!!

  2. Great t-shirt, and skin mantra! I just saw that you're in Charlotte, too. Let's blame skin breakouts on the humidity. That's what I'm doing, at least. :) Good luck with the new face product!

    1. Thank you!! AND yes!! I am over the humidity!! Maybe fall will bring clearer skin for me! :)

  3. First time finding your blog and I love it! Definitely just book marked it!

    I LOVE that shampoo/conditioner! I tried a cleansing milk ( I have curly hair as well) but it was terribly despite all the glorious reviews and talks about it. This set though keeps my curls conditioned, not frizzy and just the right curliness...crazy huh? I know you can sympathize! Try the Yes To! brand of face care. I love the grapefruit scrub and the tomato (acne) mask. I've been dealing with the same problem and they have helped it tremendously.

    1. Definitely loving to shampoo! I will try the Yes To products! I have seen them but didn't know how well they worked! Thank you!

  4. I use that same shampoo! Just love it! That t-shirt is amazing and I might have to rock it too. I live in sunny Florida and am still as white as they come. :)

  5. Hey ! you could try tea tree oil from The Body Shop, it works GREAT. ;)


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