Wednesday, September 16, 2015

{Meal Prep} My 5 Must Prep Items for the Week

I often talk about how meal prepping and planning are super important for a clean eating lifestyle. Although planning has been a huge part of my success over the past couple of years....prepping is something I never usually do. I actually did a video on my top 5 tips for Meal planning if you want to check that out. I stay at home with my kids during the week so I usually just prep as I go during the week. has been crazy and I have found that life is so much easier now that I have started adding a little prep work in on Sundays. Now I am sure that I will add more "meal prep" into my life as I continue to learn more and more simple tricks that make my life so much easier but I wanted to share the few things that I have been trying that have been working for me!!

1. School Lunch:

I will go into more detail on a later post about different healthy options for school lunches but the basic idea of prepping the items for lunch on Sunday and not having to worry with it every morning has made my life SO MUCH EASIER! My daughter has been requesting whole wheat crackers, cheese cubes, unsweetened applesauce and Greek yogurt for lunch lately and I am loving it. I just package the crackers and cheese in disposable baggies, get individual yogurt tubes and small containers of applesauce. She can now pack her own lunch!!! All that I do in the morning is fill up her thermos with water and add a silly joke or note that I print from Pinterest! Easy and she is loving it!

2. PB&J Sandwiches:

My husband and son love PB&J!! My husband never has time to make his lunch in the morning so I thought I would help him out but making up sandwiches on Sunday and freezing them. All you do is coat each side of your whole grain bread with a thin layer of all natural peanut butter. Place your favorite organic grape jelly or organic strawberry preserves on one of the slices and your done! Place each sandwich in a sandwich bag and then place all of the bags back in your bread bag and sit upright in freezer. The morning of....just throw one in the lunchbox and it is thawed out and pretty tasty (if you ask my husband) by lunch time! Perfect for school lunches if your child is a fan!

3. Veggie Soup

My Crock pot Vegetable Beef soup is perfect for making on Sunday and packaging up for the week. My husband is a huge fan and on occasion...I can get my kids to eat this too! It makes a ton and it is the perfect lunch this time of year.

4. Smoothie Packs:

 I love a smoothie post-workout and my husband loves one for breakfast. My husband loves the Strawberry Banana Smoothie. It makes the week so much easier to take a few minutes on Sunday and package up some frozen or fresh fruit, baby spinach, flax seed meal , etc. in a freezer storage bag. Keep in the freezer and when you want a smoothie, just throw all of the contents in the bag in the blender, add milk or coconut water, pulse and you are done!!!

5. Chicken Sausage

I have been on a sausage kick lately. I love Al fresco Chicken Sausage or Kayem Artisan Pork Sausage. They are both nitrate free and have a great ingredient list. I like to broil a few packs in the oven on Sunday and enjoy these all week for any meal of the day! I like them with a runny egg on top and my husband likes them sliced on an egg and cheese sandwich or with brown rice, peppers and onions! I am not a huge meat fan but these are easy to prepare and tasty!

I have been thinking of a ton of meal prep ideas that I want to start doing but these are the ones that I have been doing lately and it sure it making the week a little easier for me!! Hope you guys find these helpful. 

So tell me.....What do you meal prep on Sunday???

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  1. These are all great ideas! We are expecting our second baby in the next 2 weeks and I've jotted all of this down to use! Thank you!


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