Tuesday, February 3, 2015

{Guest Post} Do you need a Health Coach?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!! I have something really special for you guys today! A little secret about me but one day I would LOVE to work one on one with clients/teach classes, etc. about all things clean eating and living a healthier lifestyle! I am not at that point just yet but I know someone who is and she is AWESOME! I could go on and on but I will let her tell you about herself and a great opportunity that she is starting up right now for her followers! If you are just starting out on your "Real Food" journey and you need a little help from a health coach to make the transition a little easier....this program is perfect for you!! Now without further adieu....here is Emily!

Real Food for a Real Life Program

 Hello Whole Foods New Body readers! Emily here, from That's What I Eat, I'm so excited to be stopping by today to say hi to you! Sweet Ashley has graciously allowed me to stop by today to let you know about my new Real Food for a Real Life Program. You see, when I decided to finally get healthy and lose all my weight, I had to figure everything out by myself. I had to somehow learn to navigate the contradicting health claims and conflicting nutrition information out there to figure out exactly what to feed my body. And it was hard weeding through that mess! I'm so glad I did it, though, because I have never felt better! In fact, I am so in love with the way I feel that I went to school and became a Health Coach so that I can help everyone to feel this good in their body. I want to help people so no one has to do it in their own like I did. That's why I am so excited to introduce my Real Food for a Real Life Program.

This 3 month program takes you step-by-step through changing your food, getting you away from processed junk into eating nourishing, whole foods. Over the 3 months we will have 6 total sessions, with assignments in between to keep you motivated and accountable. You will learn how and what to feed your body. You also will be part of an online Facebook group where you will find like-minded Wellness Warriors, people to answer your questions and be your cheerleaders. My focus is on changes that are sustainable, so if you are looking for a quick fix, this program isn't for you! But if you are looking for real sustainable changes, look no further! My goal at the end of the program is to have you not need me anymore because by then you will know what to eat and how to move. The program is $169 for the entire 3 months, and you would prefer monthly installments we can do that too, just shoot me an email for the details!

This is a great time to invest in your health! You can sign up for the program here, or you can email me at Emily@thatswhatieat.com for any questions or to schedule a free a Discovery Session. 

**Please let me know you heard about my program from Ashley so I can be sure to thank her for spreading the word. To your health and happiness!

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