Monday, October 6, 2014

{Q & A} with Ashley #2

Hey Guys!! It has been a year since my last {Q & A} and I was curious to see if you guys had any questions for me!! I asked my facebook followers to ask me any questions that they may have and I would answer them!! Let's get started:

The first questions is from Allison:
 I was actually just thinking yesterday how I had some questions! I am really working to clean up my diet. What do you do when you go to someone else's house or eat out? We are at family's a lot. Do you just do the best you can? Are there restaurants you recommend that are better for clean eating? I realized that my salad dressings are not clean! Is there one you like best? It's also been tricky to find clean crackers.

Thanks Allison....Great questions! 

When I go to someones house to eat....I just do the best I can. I usually try to focus on the protein and the veggies. If there is something there that looks really yummy and I really want it...I eat it! Not a huge portion...just a bite or two so I don't feel deprived. When I am at a restaurant...I usually go for the salads with chicken and a vinaigrette on the side. If I am not in the mood for a salad...I will order grilled chicken or a steak with veggies on the side. I always drink water or unsweetened tea.

For restaurants....I wouldn't say that any restaurant is great for clean eating. Peruvian restaurants usually have some healthy choices. I also really like Chipotle and Zoe's Kitchen. None are perfect but I find that I don't feel terrible after eating from those restaurants occaisionally.

For salad dressing....I almost always make my own.  My favorite is the dressing that I make for my Apple and Onion salad. I haven't found a store bought dressing that I am happy with the ingredients and the making my own is always the best option!

Clean crackers.....not easy to find! I don't eat crackers very often but the ones that I buy for my kids are either the regular whole wheat Triscuits or Carr Whole Wheat Crackers.

Hope that helps Allison!! :)

The next question is from Kelly:
Ditto to the cracker question! Do you come up with your own recipes? Where do you learn about clean eating? Resources?

Thanks Kelly!!

Any recipe on my blog was made up by me! If I was inspired by another recipe...I will link to that recipe or just link to the blog/website where I got the recipe. I am not a great recipe follower and I usually always tweak recipes to make them my own! 

I learned about clean eating from Tosca Reno's Clean Eating books. I have quite a few and they were my bible when I started out on my "clean eating" journey. I would highly recommend them to anyone! Another great resource and a website that has taught me SO MUCH is 100 Days of Real Food. Check it out! So much great information!

Please guys always feel free to ask me questions! Follow me on facebook or instagram and post your questions there!! 

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