Thursday, September 18, 2014

Clean Eating Kids Lunch Ideas

My baby girl started Kindergarten this year. Boo! has been great. I was sad at first but she absolutely loves it and seeing that huge grin on her face and how excited she is makes it all worth it for me!! When it comes to lunch...I know I could pay for her to eat the school lunches and I am sure they are fine...but my baby girl is SUPER picky! I mean....she could literally live off of fruit alone!  I decided that packing her lunches would be the way to go because I knew that she would eat what I packed and it makes me feel better knowing that she isn't hungry and that I can control the quality of what she eats everyday.

Organic whole wheat bread with a little organic olive oil mayo, Applegate Organic Roasted Turkey breast and organic shredded cheddar cheese sandwich. You may ask...why do I use shredded cheese instead of sliced?? little 5 year old will have it NO other way! So feel free to used sliced for your little one! This is pretty filling for her so I usually throw in a container of fruit (usually strawberries} and an all natural applesauce or yogurt.

For breakfast she usually eats a banana, an organic or homemade granola bar/bread/muffin or a Siggy's squeeze yogurt on the way to school. For snack I usually pack her a banana (if she didn't eat one for breakfast) or some whole wheat crackers or pretzels.

I wish I could say that I switch it up and every day is a different lunch...but I don't! Who has time for that/? I stick with what she loves and what she asks for! She doesn't like a ton of variety so that makes it really easy on me!

 If I do switch it up.....these are some other options:

-Annie Whole Grain Mac and Cheese (heated in the morning and placed in a theremos)

-All Natural Peanut butter and Organic strawberry preserves sandwich

-Leftovers (heated and placed in thermos)

-Whole wheat crackers, rolled organic turkey slices and all natural cheese cubes

-Homemade Oat Bread or Oat Muffins (click here for the recipes)

-Homemade trail mix: unsalted nuts, organic raisins and dark chocolate chips

-Crackers: I love the Whole Wheat Carr Crackers

-Pretzels: Snyders Old Tyme Pretzels seem the be the best ones I can find in my local grocery store

-Fruit: Whatever is your childs favorite. My little ones loves for me to pack her berries of any kind! I will definitely be going with whatever is seasonal though!

-Veggies: Organic baby carrots, broccoli florets, celery

-Yogurt: I like Siggy's Yogurt Tubes....I wish they were organic but they have the best ingredients compared to any other squeeze yogurt. Most of them have Carageenan in it and I like to stay away from that.

-Applesauce: I always go for all natural.

-Cheerios: My kids love Cascadian Farms Honey Nut O's so those in a snack baggie would be a good snack.

-Drink: I just pour filtered water or Organic whole milk in her thermos.

****When it comes to Tupperware I use Rubbermaid Lunchblox because she has a tall lunchbox and these work great!! I use the Thermos FUNtainer  for her drink and I haven't had any leaks and my daughter LOVES it!

So tell me...

What do you pack in your childs lunch box?


  1. Great ideas! Your little girl looked precious in her first day of school picture. I am dreading when that day comes for my kids though!
    Mommy: The Mini Skirt
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    1. Thank you! It's hard at first but it's wonderful hearing about their day and seeing how excited they are! :)


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