Monday, June 30, 2014

{Marvelous in my Monday} #2

Happy Monday Everyone! This is a very special week for me! I get to celebrate my 31st birthday and July 4th...all in one week!! How marvelous is that????

Here are a few things that made my weekend MARVELOUS!! 

  • Chocolate Chip Pancakes: My husband makes chocolate chip pancakes with my kids every weekend. My kids look forward to this all week! He always lets them help and they usually eat a ton of chocolate chips in the process!! He even made a few for me with fresh blueberries! So good! We use Bob's Red Mill 10 grain pancake mix with coconut oil and they are always delicious!

  • Mani/Pedi: I love it when my whole family is together! My husband even offered to paint my baby girl's nails. She thought this was really special! She had a huge smile on her face the whole time!

  • Cuatro Leches Cake: Last night we went out to dinner at my favorite place to celebrate mine and my sisters birthdays! I'm not a huge birthday cake fan but I love cuatro leches cake! This was oh so good!!

So tell me..

Those were a few of the highlights from my weekend! What were some of yours??

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