Thursday, December 12, 2013

{My Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide}

This is the time of year everyone is thinking about gifts!! It is so hard to come up with just the perfect gift for your family and friends! I have compiled a list of products that I am loving right now, gifts that I would love to receive and some stocking stuffers thrown into the mix! So who has more presents to buy???

Here are my TOP 10 Holiday Gifts:

1. Threshold Chenille Throw: I love, love, love a good chenille throw!! It is a must-have year around!! I love these are Target. They come in so many colors and are so thick and soft!! You can't beat $19.99 either!! 

2. Yankee Ceramic Wax Melts Warmer: I can't live without my tart burner. I have had one since I was 18 years old working at my local Hallmark store! I love fruit scented tarts in the summer, pumpkin spice in the fall and Balsam and Cedar during the winter! Grab a few tarts that you think your friend/family member will love and throw those in. Trust me.....they will love it!

3. Fitbit Flex Activity and Sleep Tracker: I don't personally have one of these but I would LOVE to have one. How cool...right?? Not only does it track your workouts but it tracks your sleep!!  This would be a great gift for a technology lover or a fit friend!

4. Anthropologie Gloriosa Mug: How pretty is this mug? Throw some herbal tea bags or some Starbucks Via's in there and that is the perfect gift for anyone!! I love drinking out of pretty mugs. Makes the coffee taste better..I think!

5. Glitzed Pyramid Posts: It seems like all I ever wear these days is studs. I just like the way they look and there are so many cute ones around. I love these! 

6. OPI Take 10 Mini kit: I love every color in this set! This is a set that every girl will love! From neutrals to bold just can't go wrong! Great stocking stuffer!!

7. Blogilates Tee: I love Blogilates and I love her t-shirts and workout tanks! So cute and perfect for fitness lover! They all have really cute sayings and I would love to have any of them! Any funny shirt is a great gift in my opinion!

8. Polaroid Instant Camera: How much fun would this be?? I remember old school Polaroids and I think it would be so much fun to have an instant Polaroid to take on trips, for party's, and for playing at the park with my kids!! This is a great gift for ANYONE! :)

9. Holiday Crew Slipper Socks: I LOVE FUZZY SOCKS!! There...I said it. I wear socks around the house year around. I hate having cold feet. It annoys me!! The fuzzier...the better! 

10. Loop it Up Mat Strap with Yoga Mat: For your yoga loving friends.....what is better than a brand new yoga mat and cool little strap to carry it to yoga class?? Nothing! Or get the yoga strap and a really great water bottle. Perfect for any yogi! 

Hope this helped you guys with your last minute gifts!! :)  

What are some of your favorite gift items?

( I am not affiliated with any of these products or companies. There may be some affiliate links throughout my posts. All opinions are 100% mine. Thank you for your support)


  1. Love it all! We aren't doing many gifts this year on account of the new house and all the stuff that comes with it. which is fine with me. For one year at least ;-)

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