Friday, December 6, 2013

{Five on Friday} 12/6/13

Ya'll....I am so in love with this time of year! I finally got my house decorated and most of my Christmas presents now I am just enjoying every second. Now don't get me wrong...there aren't many decorations in or on my house these days. I have an almost 2 year old and 4 year old that LOVE to destroy anything in the form of a decoration. There are so many things that I am loving right now so I will share a few of them with you today!

{one} My Christmas Tree:

Yep...I finally got it put up. It looks really awesome with this large brown gate we have wrapped around it but oh well! I still love it. I love having a Christmas tree up. I leave it lit all day long. The kids love it and luckily haven't tried to destroy it...yet!

{two} Healthier Christmas Goodies

I am SO excited to try out some new Christmas goody recipes this year. Pinterest is full of yummy looking healthier chocolate goodies and I can't wait to start making some of my own. Turtles happen to be one of my favorite chocolate treats so I can't wait to try this one!

{three} My Christmas Wreath

I knew exactly what I wanted my Christmas wreath to look like this year. It took my 30 minutes in Hobby Lobby and about an hour to make! I love how it turned out. I guess it was about time to take down my spring wreath!

{four} Jessica Simpson Shoes

I am a huge fan of Jessica Simpson anything! I love her shoes, purses and coats! I was in need of some black pumps for a few parties coming up and decided to buy a pair of these Devin pumps! I LOVE these! Can't wait to wear them although I have a feeling my feet may not thank me for this purchase!

{five} Festive Nail Polish

I love a good nail polish and I especially love one in red! I am in love with this one from OPI right now!! I am pretty boring when it comes to polish....I am a red, pink or coral kind of girl. Maybe I should spice things up a little???

So tell me....

Favorite pair of shoes??

Favorite color nail polish??

Favorite chocolate treat??


  1. ooo your tree is fabulous! Also, completely agree on anything Jessica Simpson- LOVE her!

  2. Ok wait, your tree is SO beautiful and that wreath! I love it! That OPI color is a staple in my house... it's hard to go wrong with a good red, especially this time of year! Have a great weekend -

  3. your tree is gorgeous! I can't wait to try the easy chocolate truffles recipe.

  4. Your tree is beautiful and that wreath is perfect!! You should come link up with me today!

  5. Hi! Found your blog through 5 on Friday! Your tree is beautiful and I love that nail polish! I will have to try that color out next time! Feel free to check out my blog!

  6. Your tree is the prettiest I've seen so far :)


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