Monday, November 18, 2013

{5 Tips for Staying Slim through the Holidays}

So who else gains 10 lbs. every holiday season??? I DO...I DO! Well...let me rephrase that...I USED TO! It is really hard this time of year. There are holiday parties, goodies, and fattening festive food and there is no way not to be tempted by it all!! Let me tell you some tips I plan on using to get me through without completely wrecking what I have worked so hard for this year!

  • Tip #1:  Focus on your food and your fitness Monday-Friday. Eat so well that you won't feel too bad to give yourself a little splurge on Saturday night!! This is a rule that I definitely follow. It is WAY easier to eat really well and sneak in some exercise during the week....the weekend hits and there will be a lot more temptation so just make sure you weren't splurging all week....if you know what I mean!

  • Tip #2: Eat before you attend holiday parties or get-togethers. No I don't mean eat a full meal so you sit around and stare at everyone else while they are eating....I mean eat a snack on the way. Maybe an apple, some almonds and a large bottle of water. If you go into a party and you aren't starving....You will make WAY better choices throughout the night. 

  • Tip #3: Bring your own dish!! Make a appetizer, side dish or dessert to take with you! Your hostess will love you for it and you will know that there is at least one dish at the party that you can enjoy without feeling too bad for it later!! Need some healthy recipes....I can help you with that!

  • Tip #4: Load up on the fruits and veggies! I like to load up my plate with fruits, veggies and whatever protein they are serving. After that...I follow the tablespoon rule. If there are other dishes that you want to try.....put a little on your plate and move on. If after you clean your want to go back and get a little more of something that you really enjoyed...than do it....but I doubt you will want it at that point!

  • Tip #5: Watch the alcohol! Some fruity mixed drinks will add hundreds of calories and sugar to your night and leave you feeling blah!. My favorite low calorie cocktail is a vodka/soda with a lot of fresh squeezed lime juice. It is under 100 calories and way better for you than all the diet coke or fruit juice cocktails. Another option would be a glass of wine or a wine spritzer. Just make sure you alternate between alcoholic beverage and water. You will thank me for this tip the next day...I promise.

This is a bonus tip for you guys but I think the best!! Don't feel guilty or upset at yourself if you don't eat perfectly one night or one weekend! Just start back up on Monday and forget about it!!! This is a lifestyle of healthy eating.....not a quick fix diet!! You won't always eat perfect or exercise 6 days a week. The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself and the people around you this holiday season!! :)

So tell me....

What tip do you use to help you stay slim throughout the holiday season???


  1. My trick is to not treat everything as a special occasion and thus use that as an excuse to splurge. Its easy to think that every party is a special occasion and that I should go all out, but the reality is, the same treats are usually available at each gathering throughout the season, so I should just indulge with the really, really special stuff.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I've just restarted my weight loss journey and the holidays have me feeling a little nervous.


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