Friday, September 13, 2013

{Five on Friday} 9/13/13

Friday the 13th!!! Scary...huh?? Nah....just don't hang out with black cats today....right? This has been a pretty lazy week. I can't say I got a whole lot accomplished. Oh well...maybe next week!! Here are the best things from the week!

one: These 3

I know this is cheesy but sometimes I get overwhelmed with how blessed I truly am. There are times I want to pull my hair out, times when I want to scream but when it comes down to it....I am one lucky Mama! My babies are healthy, I am healthy and my hubby is healthy. Sometimes you just have to take a minute and realize what is important in life and cherish it. I am squeezing these three a little tighter today.

two: Barlean's Omega Swirl

Where has this stuff been all my life?? I am not a huge lover of fish but I know I need to get in my Omegas. Well this stuff tastes like dessert. It is a creamy liquid that you take by the teaspoon! If you don't like it straight, you can mix it in yogurt. They have a ton of flavors but the one I am enjoying right now is Mango Peach.

three: Chipotle

I am kind of in love with this place. I love getting their salads and piling them with veggies and meat! I love that they focus on quality ingredients! I am sure they aren't perfectly "clean" but hey.....for super fast and delicious food that my whole family loves....I don't feel too guilty about this splurge! DELICIOUS! Look at the amount of guacamole on that salad....shameful...right? NOPE!

four: Homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes

If you are obsessed with something...I recommend that you learn to make it yourself. It will save you time and money!! Pumpkin Spice Lattes are definitely an obsession of mine! I wanted a healthier version that I could have everyday and I nailed it!! So good and so dangerous all at the same time! I have been making myself Pumpkin Spice Lattes all week!! 

five: 2 minute Pumpkin Pie

I know, I know. Pumpkin again! I made this for dessert the other night and it blew me away! Mug cakes and pies are something all new to me. The fact that you can mix a few ingredients in a mug, microwave for a couple minutes and have dessert....blows my mind!! This may be something that happens quite often. You know sometimes you just NEED dessert (clean of course) but you just want enough for yourself! This is perfection!

So tell me...what is your favorite mug cake???

Favorite pumpkin food??

Favorite thing to order at Chipotle??

Have you tried Barlean's?? 

I want to know!!!!


  1. Never cheesy to express love for your family. I love my banana and date stuffed mug cake!

  2. Chipotle salads are fantastic! Unfortunately, our closest chipotle is 4 hours away :/ I'll have to settle for Moe's

  3. I've never made a mug cake. But, that pumpkin pie one might have to happen this weekend. It sounds delish.
    Fav pumpkin food, easily the pumpkin bread that I made tonight. It's a friends recipe that she's ok'd me to post and I can't wait to share it. I made it cake style instead of loaves and it's amazing.

    Anything off the menu at Chipotle. Seriously. Delicious. We actually have a place down the street from us, called BelAir Cantina that reminds me a lot of Chipotle. The salads though are what I usually order.

    I've not tried Barlean's. But, I'm super tempted now that you mentioned it!

    1. I am SO with you on the pumpkin bread!! Just made a healthier version yesterday and most of the loaf is already gone! Ooops!

  4. I love making my own pumpkin spice latte at home! I actually need to pick up some pumpkin puree this weekend as I just used my last cup of frozen homemade puree the other day :-( I'm not a huge mug cake fan but I did make a pretty good coconut chocolate chip one the other day. That reminds me I need to share the recipe soon!

    1. Freezing homemade pumpkin puree is an AWESOME idea! I will definitely be doing that this year! :)


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