Friday, May 17, 2013

{Friday Favorites}

Is it Friday?? Oh THANK GOODNESS!! What a week! These are some things that I have enjoyed on the web this week!

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Favorite Chocolate Treat: Chocolate Tart. I mean look at it....Really?? YUMM!

2. Favorite Drink: Iced Coffee. Isn't it about time to switch out that hot cup of coffee for a cool, refreshing iced coffee!! Make your simple!

3. Favorite DIY: Coffee Filter Spring Wreath. I have made a coffee filter wreath in the past and I adored it! It is time for a new one!! How gorgeous is this?

4. Favorite thing I have eaten this week: Overnight Oats. These were like dessert for breakfast. This girl loves her CHIA!

5. Favorite wedge: Steve Madden "Wanting" Wedge Sandal. I love wedges!! Seriously I can only walk in flats or wedges. Is that strange?

6. Favorite One Piece: J. Crew Double Stripe Halter Tank Bathing Suit. Now I haven't worn a one piece since I was a pre-teen but I am kind of loving the new looks this year! How cute!

7. Favorite Ab Workout: Tone it Up's Sunkissed Abs. Love this! Fast but it works!

8. Favorite New Dinner to try: Inside Out Philly Cheesesteak. My hubby will LOVE these! He is obsessed with Philly Cheesesteaks! This is a much healthier option!

9. Favorite Summer Dessert:Watermelon Cake. Did I just say Watermelon Cake??? Yep! This seems too good to be true!!!

Hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend!!!! Follow me on Pinterest to see all my new faves!!

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  1. i have the swimsuit in purple polka dots & LOVE it!


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