Monday, April 29, 2013

{Meal Planning Monday} April 29th

I huge part of my sanity comes from me being an over planner! I like to cook at home at least 5 days a week so that takes a lot of planning on my part. Every Monday morning I plan out my meals for the whole week. I usually browse through Pinterest and choose a few new meals and a couple of my favorite recipes that I have made before. I am Pinterest obsessed. It isn't healthy the amount of time I spend on Pinterest. At least I can admit that!!!

 So once I have all my meals figured out....I start adding all the ingredients to my shopping cart online at my local grocery store. I am not proud of this but I haven't stepped foot in a grocery store since my first baby was born. As if I didn't hate grocery shopping before then....adding a baby to the mix was more than I could handle. Luckily my local grocery store offers online shopping and it is right on my husbands way home from work! Perfect!!! 

I quickly add all the ingredients for my dinner meals, add in my produce, my usual staples for lunch and snacks and call it a day! I write the meals on my dry erase board so I don't forget and pin all the new
 recipes to my "Healthy Recipes to try" board. The whole process takes about an hour and it can't get any easier than that! :) Here is what I am having this week:

Monday: Avocado Egg Salad in whole wheat pita or lettuce wrap with a side of green bean "fries"

Thursday: Swimming lessons so dinner out :)

Friday: Chicken Arugula Burgers with sweet potato fries

Saturday: Take out or Out to dinner

Hope this helps you guys and gives you some ideas on how to make your life a little easier with meal planning. Check me out on Pinterest so you can keep up with all the new recipes I am trying!!


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