Saturday, May 25, 2019

FASTer Way to Fat Loss Round 2 Results and BIG NEWS

Hi lovelies!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook...I am sure you have heard me talk about FASTer way to fat loss a few 100 times! HA! It has been a huge part of my life. As y'all know....after years of healthy eating and working out consistently something started to change. I started gaining weight....losing energy and relying on coffee to get me through the day constantly. I wasn't blogging through most of this time period because I felt like...."What do I know?" If I can't figure out how to eat healthy can I share with people how to be healthy in their own life. I really needed a lot of answers that no one could answer for me. Maybe it was my age, my hormones, my stress level, what I was eating, how I was sleeping?? I needed someone to tell me HOW to feel better.

This is around the time I started seeing some of my favorite bloggers talking about the FASTer way to fat loss. I didn't jump right in initially. No part of me liked fasting for any length of time {lol} and I surely didn't want to have to track my food! I didn't think there was anything wrong with the way I was working out and I didn't really want to do any of it. One day I heard NashvilleTash on Instastories and she was emotional in saying how this program was LIFE CHANGING! Not just the amazing fat loss portion of it but the way that she FELT! That spoke to me. I wanted terribly to FEEL BETTER!!! I didn't care so much about the number on the scale but I wanted to have energy and feel like ME again. I took the leap ya'll and the rest is history. 

I fell hard!! I was excited but so intimidated about it all at first. The best part about this was that someone was giving me all the answers to all the questions in my head. No more second guessing myself. I was SO AFRAID to eat so many carbs and calories! I kept repeating in my head..."Trust the the process!"  I listened....I did what my coach Allie told me to do macro wise. She told me little things I needed to tweak. She taught us not only about macros but about fasting, sleep, hormones, gut health, etc. She asked how we were FEELING!! They never expected perfection out of me or anyone. They cared that we were making progress in our life no matter how that progress looked. It's just so different and trusting them...paid off!! 

The first round I lost 10 inches and 5 lbs!!!!!!

I was SO thrilled with how I the fat was melting off...I had ENERGY, I was sleeping like a baby but maybe one of the most beneficial results that I had was that I enjoyed so much having this community in my life. These women/men are just like me. They want to do their best and feel their best. I loved being in the facebook group with the other girls. Hearing their wins inspired me. I loved having a coach to ask questions to and to help me navigate tracking macros. I wasn't ready to be done yet so I signed up for another round!!

I have enjoyed it just as much. We have had so much going on in our life and this program was so easy to fit into a busy schedule. It is totally doable no matter what kind of craziness you have in your life.

Results from my Second round:

The second round I lost another pound and 2 more inches making that a total of 12 inches and 6 lbs in 12 weeks!! My body composition is changing and I plan to keep building some muscles!! It is hard because I am wimpy but I would love to get more definition in my arms and legs!


SOOOOO...I had so many people message me throughout my journey and ask me if I was a coach and that got me thinking?? I have always wanted to be a health coach. I am so passionate about helping others with their nutrition and health but going out on my own doing that was scary. Helping others is the whole reason why I went into nursing years ago. I am not ready to be back in the hospital though!    I like this so much more. I like having a community around me and I KNOW this lifestyle WORKS!! I want to teach it to everyone!!!

Whoa! Can this be the last sports bra pictures that I need to post for a while!! HAAA!!!
I interviewed a couple weeks ago to be a coach in this program. Thankfully I made it in and I studied my butt off to pass the exam!    I PASSED!!!!

So whats next???

Well I am joining their VIP membership as a client because I have heard so much cool stuff about it. Hormone specialists, macro specialists, name it....they have all of these resources available. They are also adding in A TON of on-demand workouts. This is the part I am the most excited about!!! 

As for coaching...I am starting my first round on July 8th and I would love, love, love if you would join me. I want to make this first round out of this world!! I am an open book and I am unfortunately or fortunately always on my phone so if you need me.....I've got you!! We are in this together and I can't wait for each and everyone of you to get amazing results and FEEL your best!!!!

Click here to sign up for my next round!!!!!

Thank you guys so much for your support and encouragement in the last few months! I am so so much happier and healthier now and I am so grateful for all of you and the FASTer way for helping me get to this point!!

**Disclaimer: Results may vary.


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