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FASTer Way to Fat Loss Round 1 Results and FAQ's


It has been SO long since I have written a blog post but I was thinking about starting to blog a bit more again? I have felt really motivated and excited to share what I have been doing lately because I guess for the first time in a while....what I am doing is WORKING!! By working....I mean...I feel great, feel energized, feel like I have my health under control, feel like I have support and have lost a bunch of lbs. and inches. Can't forget that last part because well....most people would love to lose a couple inches...right?

I have been riding the struggle bus for years! Not that I haven't been eating healthy and working out....because I have. Something has been missing though. No matter how healthy I ate....I was gaining weight and feeling lower and lower on energy. Probably a hormonal/adrenal thing...who knows? I didn't know how to fix it. I am a research kind of girl. I read everything...try everything. I just wanted to FEEL good again. Like I did back in the day when I switched to whole foods and starting being more active. I just couldn't get it right.

Fast forward a few years of struggling to 2019. I kept seeing bloggers talking about the FASTer way to fat loss and seeing their awesome results. I thought it was probably just like every other thing I had tried and that didn't work and I really didn't want to spend the money. One day I finally decided that I should just try it. Spend the money on myself and jump right in and see how I feel. Y' decision ever.

At first I was overwhelmed because it is so much information but I just stuck with it. Allie Janszen is my coach and she has been a blessing to me. I asked her every crazy question in my head! I no longer had to figure out health on my own!! I had someone to tell me EXACTLY what to do!! Finally after the first or second just clicked. I finally understood what my goals were and wasn't so intimidated.

I love the accountability of this program. That is something that I feel like makes this program so much better than any other program out there. You will not find another program like this. You will be surrounded by a community of girls just like you. You won't feel alone. Not for one minute. You will feel better. You will look better. You will have energy and you will see results. I promise you that I would not tell you to try anything that I didn't 100% stand by. If you have followed me for very know that I am VERY honest with my opinion of things. This is the best thing I have ever done and I want to share it with all of you because I want this for all of you.

Let's start with my before/after shall we???

I always cringe at sports bra pictures!! ugh! 
I lost 5 lbs and 10 inches in 6 weeks!!!

I was blown away! I feel like I had eaten wayyyy more than my norm and I finally saw some changes in my weight and inches!! This is a non-scale program!! Hallelujah...right? Throw it away. They don't care. They focus on your measurements, pictures and how your clothes fit. For the first time....I don't care about the scale!!! HUGE VICTORY for me!!

What is the eating like? Do you get meal plans?

This program focuses on Intermittent Fasting paired with carb cycling and effective workouts. If intermittent fasting sounds scary to you...don't be scared. Start slow with a 12 hour fast (at night) while you are sleeping for the majority of the time and slowly work you way to a 16 hour fast and an 8 hour eating period. You will learn more about this during prep week so you will definitely learn about the benefits and tips and tricks to make this easier. Most people think this is super easy and love the fasting portion. Yes....there are meal plans, meal ideas, snack ideas. You will get A TON of info. More than I have ever received with any program in the past.

How are the workouts?

The workouts aren't required if that is not your thing but they are highly recommended to maximize your results. They aren't super long. I would say 20-30 min and there are beginner/gym/home options. VERY doable no matter what your fitness experience is. I mean...I work out in my bedroom with a 5 and 10 lb. set of dumbbells. No crazy equipment that you need to buy if you don't have a gym membership.

Do you track your food??

Yes....and I used to hate tracking food! LOL! I thought I would hate it and it would make me anxious but actually it does the exact opposite. I love focusing on hitting my macros because I know that I will feel my best if I do. This is not calorie counting. They don't want to limit your calories...they want to make sure you are FUELING your body correctly!! I was under eating for years and had no clue. I have been forced to eat CARBS for the first time in my life and it feels so nice to include ALL food groups into my diet again!!

Image result for faster way to fat loss images
I you see how large of a priority rest is?? Sign me up!! HA!

I would really love for y'all to join me in this. I don't plan on stopping this program! It is my new lifestyle! I love getting questions and having my friends on Instagram/Facebook join me so we can talk about it and share tips!! If you join using my will be set up with my coach, Allie. She is the only couch I can vouch for because she is the reason for my success and I know you will all love her! I am on my second round with her now and I love it!!

If you are interested in joining me and my coach for the next round...Click here!!!!

Please feel free to message me on Instagram or Facebook with any questions you may have! I am an open book!!

**Disclaimer: Results may vary

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