Wednesday, January 13, 2016

{what I ate Wednesday} 1/13/16

Happy Wednesday!!

I am so glad to be back on track with my eating! I feel like I am finally getting back to my normal routine. I am on day 11 of the 30 Days of Yoga Camp and I am so sore!! There is nothing better than getting in a great yoga session and waking up the next day feeling the burn!! I am so obsessed with yoga. I love having a "workout" that I actually don't hate and doesn't feel like torture. I hope you all can find a fitness program that you absolutely love and enjoy doing. Exercise shouldn't be miserable. It should make you feel great! 

Enough about that.....want to know what I am eating these days??

Breakfast: Leftover Peach and Banana Baked Oatmeal  and black coffee (SO GOOD)

Snack: Water, Chobani Coconut Greek yogurt with blueberries

Snack: Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Muffins (IF you haven't made these should! They are delicious!)

Snack: Grapefruit and more water 

Lunch: A HUGE Banana Almond Butter Green Monster (I have missed these!!)

Snack: Kombucha and fresh cherries

Snack: Kind Bar

Dinner: Dr. Praegers California Veggie burger with organic ketchup and roasted green beans

Dessert: A few squares of a chocolate bar (sounds gross but tastes delicious)

Bedtime: Yogi Bedtime Tea (my new favorite)

Whew....that's a lot of snacking! Hope you all have a fabulous day!!

So tell me....

Favorite easy lunch? 

Favorite herbal tea??

Favorite healthy dessert?? 


  1. Can you tell me more about Yoga Camp? I've always wanted to like yoga...but never could get into it! lol. What is it you like about the videos? Are they easy to follow? Thanks!

    1. Hi!! I love yoga camp because I love Yoga by Adrienes videos. They are super easy to follow but also not super serious. I like her sense of humor and I've seen great results from all of her videos. I totally recommend 30 days of Yoga with Adriene or the yoga camp. :)

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