Monday, March 9, 2015

{Meal Planning Monday} 3/9/15

Hey you guys!!! I thought I would share with you guys my plan for the week!

Sorry I have been a little MIA. I have been sick and feeling pretty awful for the past week or so! I also think that I have pulled a chest muscle or pinched a nerve. I have had chest/shoulder pain on and off for the past couple weeks. I am assuming that I am not having a heart attack....but I'm just trying to rest it as much as I can until it heals. I haven't been working out...which I hate...but I don't want to further injure myself so I'm resisting the urge.

Now on to my plan for the week:

Fitness: If I feel better...I will probably do yoga or pilates this week.



  • Banana wrap

  • Scrambled eggs, Ezekiel toast and uncured bacon


  • Apple and Almonds

  • Chia seed bowls (watch video on my Instagram for how-to)

  • Plain Greek yogurt with berries


  • Chicken sausage with peppers, onions and roasted broccoli (I like Al fresco brand sausage)

  • Veggie Burgers on salad with grilled onions, roasted okra and avocado. (I like Dr. Praegers)

  • Breakfast for dinner (flax waffles, whole grain pancakes, omelettes, homemade bread French toast) I will let the kids decide!

  • Leftovers (clean out the fridge night)

I have a few sick kids to take care of this week and I'm hoping to recoup as well! Fingers crossed we will all bounce back and feel like normal in a few days! :)

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