Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{Fit Tip Tuesday: Meal Planning Made Easy}

I had so much fun last week sharing with you guys one of my {Fit Tips} that I wanted to do it again this week! Check out "The Skinny on Health" for some other FIT TIPS from this week!

One of my best tips for staying on track with healthy eating is to meal plan. If I plan out my meals in advance...there is no thinking involved. No temptation or chances of eating something not so healthy. Let me tell you guys how I plan out my week!

I use Pinterest to plan out my meals. That may seem kind of odd but I couldn't live without Pinterest.

Step 1: Follow some of your favorite bloggers/healthy eating sites on Pinterest. That way when you scan through....you have a lot of healthy options to choose from.

Step 2: Spend some time throughout the week pinning some delicious but healthy/clean recipes on to a board that you create called "Healthy Recipes to Try" or something similar. Create another board called "Tried and Loved" or something like that for the recipes that make and plan on making again!

Step 3: On Sunday (or whatever day you use to plan out your meals) pick 4-5 recipes for the week. Sure it would be nice to say 7 but figure out a realistic number of nights that you plan on cooking during the week. I usually cook 4-5 nights a week. That leaves a couple nights for leftovers or take-out. I usually pick a couple from the recipes that I have had before and I know that I love and a couple new recipes that I want to try. I have a dry erase board in my kitchen where I write all of the meals that I plan on making that week. My memory is not so great so if I don't write it down...I will have a ton of ingredients and no idea what I was planning on doing with them!

Step 4: Make a grocery list. Add all of the ingredients from your recipes. I order my groceries online...so I add all of the ingredients that I need online and submit it for pick up. I also add in my breakfast and lunch staples and some produce for snacks.

It is that simple ya'll! Pinterest has made my life so much easier because I go to one place for all of my recipes. Oh and if I make a recipe and don't love it....I delete it. That way I won't make it again and it keeps my board cleaned up!

This has also made a huge difference in my grocery budget. I stick to my list and I don't have any waste! We also eat out a lot less because I plan ahead!

Want to see what my Pinterest looks like?? Go ahead and follow me! I pin a lot of healthy recipes (including my own) and you can see all the ones that I try out and love!

Here is a huge list of all of my {Meal Planning Monday's} to choose from! 

I love hearing about how others plan out their meals. Have any tips for me????

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  1. This is such a great tip!! Meal planning makes healthy eating SO much easier!! I've never heard a tip to use Pinterest to meal plan -- so creative! I always meal plan on Sundays, right after I grocery shop for the week. I clean all my fruits and veggies, and prep my meals for the entire week (chop up fruits and veggies, package mixtures by meal). You know who has amazing meal planning/prepping tips? Amy at The Little Honey Bee!! She always posts about it and does a really great job, it's inspirational! http://thelittlehoneybee.com/

    Lisa @ The Skinny on Health


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