Friday, November 8, 2013

{Five on Friday} 11/8/13

Happy Friday Everyone!! Is anyone else SUPER ready for the weekend???? I know I am!!

one: Date night

My husband and I very rarely go on dates since we have had kids but we made a deal that this year we would make time for us! It is not a good idea to get out of that habit so PLEASE if you are married with kids and you never go out on dates anymore....DO IT!! You have to!! It is nice to feel like a couple every now and then and not Mommy and Daddy for an hour or two!! Ya know??  Anyways...we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and saw the movie "Bad Grandpa." It was pretty funny and as crazy as we expected it to be. Overall....a wonderful night!


I was SO nervous about posting my first video on the blog this week but ya'll made me feel SO MUCH BETTER!! I got so many kind comments and e-mails and it means more to me than you know!! Blogging is all new to me and videos are even farther of a stretch and it is scary sometimes!!! It felt so good to know that you guys enjoyed it and that it was HELPFUL!! So seriously...thank you!

three: Sweet Potato Pie

So guys....I did it!! I made a healthier version of my favorite pie and I can't wait to share the recipe! Stay tuned for that next week!! I enjoyed this just as much as I enjoy my Mother's version but my pie didn't have any added sugar or butter!! OH YEAH!! It was so tasty!! 

four: Love notes

My husband got me this super sweet card and brought it home with him the other night. He slipped it in with the rest of the mail and he wrote a long note on the inside. It melted me for sure and was a lovely highlight to the week. Sometimes a simple thank you makes everything feel so worth it!!

five:  Christmas Goodies

I have decided that this year I will not be making my usual Christmas goodies this year. I usually make Oreo balls and a few other (not so good for you) treats. Although I play by the 90/10 rule and Christmas will be the 10%....I do want to make less processed goodies to enjoy. This one looks really tasty!

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend!!!

So tell me......

What healthier treat are you making for the holidays??

Favorite thing to do on date night??

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  1. that pomegranate ginger bark looks AMAZING! so festive and so yummy looking! eeee! YUM!
    happy friday, babe! xx


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