Friday, July 26, 2013

{Five on Friday} 7/26/13

Friday!! Finally!! You are FINALLY HERE! Here are my 5:

one: Shakeology

I tried Shakeology for the first time this week. I was afraid of how it would taste after reading all of the "good stuff" that they packed in this stuff....but it tastes fabulous. It is more "chocolatey" than my other protein powder. Feels like a splurge. I am really hoping this will help my nails. They have been so brittle lately. A little extra energy boost would be nice too! :)

two: Homemade Ice Cream

Yes...I am aware that this is not necessarily clean eating and definitely not low in calorie but we had a family get together last week with a little swimming and a lot of homemade ice cream. My family makes THA BEST homemade ice cream. We had strawberry, vanilla, fruit (my favorite) and Rocky Road. To die for. Really it is.  

three: My 18 month old

My sweet boy is officially 18 months old. I feel like that is kind of a milestone. He is getting to be a big boy and it kills me! Luckily he still likes to cuddle with his Mommy. He runs and jumps and destroys everything in his path. He cracks me up and I love every minute!

four: 5 Minute Granola Bars

I love granola bars but sometimes they are a little tedious to make. I was in a hurry and browsing on Pinterest for a super fast granola bar that I had all the ingredients for! I found a 5 minute Granola Bar on Fannetastic Food and whipped it up! I am in love. They taste great, are packed with "good stuff" and they were way too easy to make.

five: Patio

I am beyond ready to tear down my deck and build a nice patio. The deck just isn't looking so good these days. These gorgeous patios on Pinterest aren't helping either! How gorgeous?? Looks like  a lot of work. Maybe next year??

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  1. Oooh I love the idea for the garnola bar! Glad to have found you on the link up! :)

    1. They are delicious! You should definitely try them! :)


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