Friday, April 26, 2013

{Fitness Friday} The Fastest Workout EVER!!

Tabata Training

Okay.....let me let you in on a little secret! I don't always have 45 minutes to workout in a day! So I cheat a little....well at least it feels like a cheat! It is actually a scientifically studied training method that was proven to have more benefits than traditional cardiovascular exercise! Tabata training will raise your heartbeat and metabolism in NO TIME! You perform these exercises at a very high level of intensity and the best part about that is that your metabolism will stay high far after you finish this 4 minute workout! Convinced yet??? This super fast workout will increase your aerobic capacity, your anaerobic capacity and help you burn MORE FAT!! You can do anything for 4 minutes...Right??

You can find these workouts all over You-tube and Pinterest. I have found some that I absolutely love! Find the ones that meet your fitness level. Another good tip is to stretch and to do some sort of cool down afterwards. I usually do an 8 minute tabata or actually two of the 4 minutes tabata routines. Somehow I feel more productive with 8 minutes of working out! Let me warn you....this is hard! You will be a sweaty mess afterwards but trust me...IT IS WORTH IT!!!

What you need:

I suggest using the Tabata Timer app that I mentioned in a previous post.. If you can't get the app, any timer will do. The tabata timer makes it SO MUCH easier.

I thought it would be fun to show you a tabata that I made up and really enjoy! Please, take 8 minutes out of your day and do yourself a favor! You will feel so great afterwards and know that for the next 24 hours......your metabolism is going to be on SPEED and fat is going to be melting away! Doesn't that sound great??

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