Tuesday, February 10, 2015

21 Day Fix Planning Process

Happy Tuesday!!

I get a lot of questions about the planning process for the 21 Day fix. We are all busy and if things are too is too hard to fit it in. No worries though....planning my week only takes about an hour total and that includes ordering my groceries. If you shop in the store vs. ordering may take you an hour more. 

If there is one thing that I have learned doing the 21 Day Fix is that planning is SUPER important in living a healthy lifestyle. I have always been a huge fan of planning out my dinners for the week on Sunday.

 If you haven't watched my video on {Meal Planning} definitely should! I do this same process every Sunday and get my meals planned out for the week.

I find that planning out your dinners, buying a few options for snacks and a couple options for breakfast in the morning is crucial. There is very little room for those times when you open the fridge and have no idea what to eat or you are driving home from work with no plan for dinner so fast food seems like an easier option. We have all been there.

SO......Plan out your week on Sunday!! If you have a few items that need prepping such as hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken for salads, homemade salad dressing, baked sweet potatoes, roasted/fresh veggies or Crock pot steel cut oatmeal.....PREP THEM ON SUNDAY! Makes such a huge difference!

Now for how I plan out my day:

Doing the 21 Day Fix there are a certain number of containers that you have to consume in one day. If you don't write this stuff will not remember what containers you have already eaten and what is left. There are a million spreadsheet options on Pinterest for organizing you meals for the day and there is also a 21 Day Fix app that will track all of this for you.

I guess I am a little old school but I just write mine down on a sheet of paper each day. I start by writing out the number of each container that I can have and then I start writing out my meals. After I eat a meal...I mark through the number and write the new amount that is left. I don't always do this the day before. I like to do this after my morning snack so I can see what I feel like eating for the day. By lunch time I pretty much plan out the rest of my day and if something changes....I just scratch through it and adjust the rest of my meal to make it work!

Super easy and you just have to see what works for you!

Now for how I find time to workout?

As you all know...I am a busy Mom of 3 with a whole household to run....just like many of you! There is laundry and dishes and feeding everyone and cleaning and homework and picking up from school and ALL OF THAT fun stuff plus more in my typical day. You may work 8-5 Monday through Friday. Find a time that works for you and workout. I like to workout around 9 am when my baby takes his morning nap. I just get my 3 year old busy doing something and get started. My husband wakes up early and works out then before work. My sister works out when she gets home from work before dinner. I don't care when you work out....just do it. Figure out the time that works best for you and do it!

No I don't wake up every morning super excited to do my workout.....but that is okay! I do it because I like the way I feel when I finish and it gives me energy!!

Even if you are not doing the Fix.....plan out your meals for the week, prep ahead, plan out your day of food and workout! It is all about making a plan and sticking to it! :)

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  1. Not doing this plan, but I'm a huge meal planner. Once a week I plan out all of our meals and base the grocery list off of that. Saves me a crap ton at the grocery store too.
    Hope you're having a great week :)



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