Wednesday, January 14, 2015

{VIDEO} What's in my fridge? 21 Day Fix

Hey you guys!! The other day just after I unloaded our groceries I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick video to show you guys what kind of foods that I keep in my fridge and pantry.

Be warned: This was shot with my iPhone, with me looking like a hot mess, and with my 2 year old having a slight tantrum in the background. If you can overlook all of that....Please ENJOY!!

Feel free to ask me any questions! :) Oh and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I am going to try to start posting more videos and I don't want you to miss them!


  1. What brand of chicken do u buy? Looking for a less expensive route for hormone/steroid free chicken. Thanks for the tour of the fridge/pantry!

    1. If I go to my local grocery store...I just buy the store brand antibiotic free boneless skinless chicken breasts. If I venture out a little further...I try to get organic. It just depends on the budget and what I can get my hands on! :)

  2. Okay. Thanks. Do u kno of any frozen antibiotic free brands of chicken? Or do u always buy fresh and just freeze yourself?

    1. I don't know of any that are already frozen. I usually just buy fresh and freeze them! :)


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