Wednesday, November 20, 2013

{What I Ate Wednesday} 11/20/13

Happy Wednesday!! I have been super busy decorating my house for Christmas this week! Although I am exhausted....I can not wait until it is all done and I can sit back and enjoy it all! There is really nothing better...Am I right???

Well...on to my eats!!

Breakfast: My new fave...Quinoa Porridge!! I actually took the time and measured everything and I promise to share the exact recipe soon!

Snack: Pear and usual. I keep thinking that eventually I will get tired of it but nope....I am not there yet!

Lunch: Another new obsession....savory stuffed sweet potatoes!! I got the basic recipe from Jenn (from Peas and Crayons) and I can't get enough. This one I stuffed with rotisserie chicken, black beans and guacamole. I am hooked on these 100 calorie packs from Wholly Guacamole. How convenient??

Snack: 1/2 banana (leftover from breakfast) with almond butter and a few Mary's Gone Crackers.

Dinner: Chicken and Avocado Soup from Skinnytaste. I loved this!! I had a few organic blue corn chips on  the side!

Dessert: A couple squares of dark chocolate of course....because it is good for me! :)

Now....I am off to decorate!! Fun stuff!!

So tell me....

What is your new food obsession??

Favorite go-to lunch??

Favorite soup??


  1. Christmas already!?! we usually decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving but since we probably won't be in the new house yet that will be postponed :-(

    1. That's when we usually decorate as well but this year...I just felt like getting started a little earlier! Maybe it's all the cute Christmas decorations on Pinterest that got me in the mood to decorate my own house! :)


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